Why do I need to donate blood to receive an antibody test?

There is currently an extreme shortage of blood since regular donors have stopped donating due to fear of being out in public. Therefore, the way we have set it up with LifeSouth Blood Bank, is that we will have a blood drive to collect blood donations.

Every blood specimen collected will be tested for the antibodies. Blood specimens that test positive will have their plasma extracted and that plasma will be used for COVID-19 patients. The rest of the blood, along with all of the blood that tested negative for the antibodies will be used for any use that the local hospitals need it for. In addition, donors are able to donate plasma on a weekly basis, and so we will reach out to donors who have tested positive for the antibodies and ask them to come down to the donation center to donate just their plasma.

If you are not able to donate blood, but would still like to have an antibody test to donate plasma, please get in touch with us.

Keep in mind that one blood donation can save three lives and one plasma donation can be used for two COVID patients. By participating in this initiative, you can save a lot of lives!